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Buying a house, whose name is the seller’s deed in?

There was a French man and a Thai wife in my lawyer’s office doing a land transfer. The purchase: land and house in a subdivision. The lawyer went to them to transfer property at the land office. The French man was surprised (at the last minute) that the deed wasn’t in the name of the subdivision company or any of the people he had dealt with before.

The lawyer was exacerbated also since the French guy couldn’t speak very good English and no Thai to speak of. She (the lawyer) could speak passable English, but this situation was hard to explain and deal with.

In any event, if you are buying land from a subdivision, large or small, in almost all cases the land will be registered in somebody’s name you don’t recognize. It could be the secretary, a house keeper, the owner’s sister – anyone for that matter. Subdivisions are not typically sold via companies (officially on the deed paperwork) due to legal restrictions and taxes.

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