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Buying a hole in the ground! Think again.

image dsc20435.jpgOne sign of a hot market is when people start selling holes in the ground, and worse, others start buying! A few years back land that was ‘way out’ was mined for top soil. The technique is just to dig out the land down to about the water level. As of now, the most expensive top soil goes for over 1500 baht for a 10 wheel truckload. Mining out a large parcel can yield more than an outright sale!

image dsc20436.jpgNow the development line has started to move. Land on the outskirts isn’t so far out anymore. I kind of had to chuckle when I saw a large subdivided parcel of land for sale with a signpost on this mined out land, advertised for house building plots. The prices are fairly high also! How about that for having your cake and eating it too (sell the dirt and then sell the land)!

Of course anyone can try to sell anything they want. It will be interesting to see if there are any takers. Last time I looked there was one plot which looked like it was being prepped. We’ll see.

In the meantime, if you’re out shopping around for land and you see a hole in the ground, just keep on truckin! On a serious note; normally you don’t encounter situations like this (hole), but you should check to see that the level of the land is higher than the road or that it can be filled to above the road level.

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