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Basic and low cost Thai Construction project

image dsc20831.jpgThis is the final update on the budget Thai construction house. If you remember from the previous article low cost Thai construction the house is about 130 square meters, includes a kitchen area, bathroom, patio, laundry room and rear sitting area. Read on to get the final budget figure for this house. !@— image dsc20806.jpgThe house has tile flooring through out. !@— image dsc20807.jpgimage dsc20808.jpgThe house has hardwood doors. The doors will be painted with a good quality urethane wood protectant. !@— image dsc20809.jpgA drop panel ceiling, which isn’t as pretty as a sheetrock ceiling (IMHO), but is easier to maintain. !@— image dsc20811.jpgimage dsc20833.jpgStandard walkways all the way around the house. !@— image dsc20810.jpgimage dsc20834.jpgimage dsc20836.jpgVarious views. !@— The final projected cost on this project is 500,000 baht, including all fixtures, labor — basically everything. Shortcomings have been noted before, namely the house utilizes pre-cast columns and has ungrounded electrical. It can however give one an idea of minimum construction costs for the most basic construction methodology.


  1. wow Dozer

    this house is flat on the ground – flooding?

    do you have any breakdown of costs?

    say – roofing foundations walls fixtures tiling

    ive got some figures but i need to sift through a bundle of thai receipts, maybe i can get a student to do the work etc

    it looks similar in design to my disaster villa up country

    I noticed the precast column construction immediately

    no personal criticism intended of course

  2. No cost breakdown, but labor was about 100,000. The house is about 1 meter up off the ground on fill dirt (which was brought in). Not quite up to expat standards, but for what I’ve seen a better job than the typical village house.

  3. Hi Dozer

    thanks, It wasnt obvious from the photos that you had already raised the ground level, good thinking

    I think its important to try to collect as much facts, figures and cost as you go along. it all comes together as an important database and guidelines for future builders.

    one thing i notice with your site is there is no search facility, so topics that might already have been discussed cannot be readily referenced or found by others. As you site expands, this is going to become and increasing problem

    what do you think (unless ive missed something/)

  4. Clarification note: I’m not personally involved in this project – so I didn’t do anything (ie raise the ground). The builders aren’t related – acquaintances up the block – but I drive by every day… I do agree in ones own projects it is really important to get detailed records and break out costs.

    also, there is a search on the right hand panel.

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