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Barbed wire is back again

image dsc21513.jpgAnother aspect of the brick metal wall. Since I’m thinking of doing a wall like this, I’ve been going over to take a look at this one a bit and seeing how I might adapt it. This shot of the wall on the side of the house shows the brick wall below the metal grid work, which has a height of 80 centimeters. I also checked on the dimensions of the metal used, it is a 2 inch by 2 inch square lengths, the top and bottom horizontal pieces are 2 of the 2 x 2′s welded together.

Here are some shots of the front gate and door.

image dsc21514.jpg image dsc21515.jpg image dsc21515.jpg !@—

All of the materials for this gate are readily available here, essentially metal and decorative bricks. Not quite sure why all the perimeter walls mostly done are all essentially the same style, it is refreshing to see something a bit different. What is really hot right now is the natural rock perimeter walls, which considering that the rocks are hand chipped to form a solid wall, are incredibly cheap. The natural rock walls are only about 750 – 800 baht a square (not linear) meter, complete.

The previous write up on this decorative brick perimeter wall was here previous look at decorative brick perimeter wall.

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  1. Looks very nce dozer, thanks for posting. More I consider what kind of gate/wall/fence combination I’ll do, the more I like this one.

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