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Barbed wire can be beautiful

image dsc20782.jpgHere is a rather different and subtle style of front decorative perimeter fencing that I really like. I like the effect of the decorative brick, the heavy metal and simple design. Also, it highlights how ‘barbed wire can be beautiful’. Normally you wouldn’t use barbed wire on the front of a house, but with this style it blends in so nicely that it just becomes a part of the design. I hope the barbed wire company is quick in sending me over a check for this plug.

This type of gate would be about 1/2 in between a budget job and stainless, cost wise. Stainless is a really good material in that it is rust proof, but something about the gaudiness of most stainless designs turns me off a bit. Sure, I guess if you’re the guy riding the motorcycle around on 3rd road with the hairy chest, no shirt and the 3 baht gold chain on, you’d probably go for the stainless.

Here are some more pictures of the so subtle but well designed fence.

image dsc20787.jpg !@— image dsc20784.jpg !@— image dsc20783.jpg !@— image dsc20785.jpg !@— image dsc20786.jpg !@— image dsc20788.jpg !@—


  1. Man! I like that look a lot to, dozer! I’ve been thinking about doing something different along the roadside of my wife’s property as opposed to the painted cinderblock wall and this is the nicest alternative I’ve seen. Probably won’t fit the barbed wire on top as we are really out in the “baan nook”.

    I realize it might be difficult but could you or someone hazard a guess what the tab would be for a 90 meter stretch 1.8 meters tall?

    Cheers, Boon Mee

  2. The ‘chaang’ will try to talk you into using a smaller size metal bar as this heavy metal is ‘wasteful’, but it adds to the design beauty. We know that a basic block perimeter wall is 1000 (appx.) per meter when we do it ourselves. I would guess this would be at least 3000 to 4000 per meter. It is good for areas which you want a view, but can be blended in with sections of block perimeter wall where you dont. Let me know if you attempt it!

  3. Well, I haven’t seen anything to rival that handsome look so I believe I’m going to attempt it. Perhaps not the full length of the one side of the property but as you say, but where we want a view.

    If you have an opportunity, can you post a full shot of the vehicle gate and the personnel gate if they installed one too? Cheers!

  4. One further question on the handsome metal fence – it appears from the pictures that the metal has been anodized? Maybe just a good paint job but my thought would be it might be fairly “high maintenance” if not anodized.

  5. Boon Mee: This is just regular metal that was primered and painted. With good primer and paint outdoor metal will hold up pretty well. There is a new post which shows the vehicle gate and entry door.

  6. Thanks Dozer, anodized sections of metal those lengths would be rather pricy if even available.

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