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Are There Pre Purchase Building Inspections

from Anthony Love the site, lots of great information. I’m buying a house at the moment from a reputable developer, and we are going to transfer ownership (pay the money) when the house is completed at the end of this month. I’d like to get someone in to inspect the house before we transfer, and i was wondering if you had any idea if this is a common service in Thailand, and how to go about doing it. Thanks for all the information on the site, keep writing!

editor: unfortunately no. You can get an engineer to do periodic inspections during the building process, but in this case of a too be purchased finished house I’m not aware of this service. Mrs. Dozer adds her two cents – ‘how will they know how the house was built after it is finished?’. A reasonable point. I know they have these types of services overseas, but you must remember things are quite a bit different here. There are no legally required 3rd party building inspections during the building process (like overseas). If the developer poured a 3 cm. floor instead of 10 cm. you wouldn’t know (after the fact) unless you broke the floor. There are so many tricks they can play during the building process that are all designed to save money on things that you cannot determine after the fact. You could have someone come look at the house, but it would be hit and miss at most.

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  1. I agree, nothing reputable available. IMHO, a licensed engineer is only worth the money for checking a structural design, beams and columns etc, you should always ask for a copy of the structural drawings, which they should be glad to provide, it should show the licenced engineers stamp

    “reputable?” in the LOS how do you know, what is the evidence?

    this is why i regularly stress the need for details designs over hear but it mostly falls on deaf ears im afraid

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