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A shocker of an electric bill

image dsc20488.jpgI posted earlier about a nicely designed small apartment complex being built in East Pattaya. The expat builder is a friend of mine. On a small 3/4 rai plot there are two apt buildings, a small house area, all surrounding a 8 meter pool. The builder recently had a bit of a surprise with respect to electricity.

There was electric already in the area so he didn’t budget to run electrical in. Should be just a matter of having the electric company string in a electric line. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. The electric department will only run one line into an apartment building (as opposed to one line per unit). Therefore, the builder was informed he would need a high voltage transformer which would need to be run in from the main road. Bottom line: a 600,000 baht bill. Not a nice surprise.

image dsc20491.jpgHere is a new house going up on one side of the plot.

image dsc20490.jpgA nice 8 meter pool in the center area of the plot.

image dsc20489.jpgThis is the footprint of the deep water (drilled) well. You can see the pressure unit off to the right.

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